Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Baguio's Famous Delicacies

It was Sunday when I've watch the news regarding the Panagbenga festival in Baguio City - known as the summer capital of the Philippines. It seems that all were having fun and enjoy the festival. I used to remember when we had our vacation there and it was really great. The most memorable with me was when we had food trip and I was so lucky that I am able to taste some of their delicacies.

Strawberry Taho
At first I thought that is just the usual taho that we have here in the Metro but I notice the pink color in the plastic container and I've learn that it was a fresh strawberry syrup instead of the usual sweetener.

Sundot Kulangot

This is one of their famous delicacies though it might sound funny or a turn off to some people though a lot of people in Baguio love this and enjoy eating this one. This is called "sundot kulangot" because it is place in a small container that you need to use your finger to dig out the calamay inside.

Benguet Coffee
Before we left Baguio, I got a chance to taste their native coffee, the "Benguet Coffee". This is famous and favorite beverage in Cordillera and also known to us as "kapeng barako". Their coffee is really aromatic and good to bring as a present for your relatives.

It was really a fulfilling trip and a vacation as well, hope I can able to visit again and explore more of their delicacies.

March 02 ,2010


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